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Email photos to Include Order Number


20 for $25

Fruit Snacks

Honey Buns

Ring Pops

Pop Rocks

Air Heads


Personalized Cards (Includes Envelopes) $1


Candy Grams (Please provide picture lolipop included) $1.25


Valentines Treat Hearts $2.00


Candy Bar Purse $4.00


Reeses $3.00


Pretzel Rods $2.00


Chip Bags $3.00


Rose Candy Apple $3.00


Chocolate Covered RKT Sicle $3.00


Custom Shot Glass $7.00


Custom Wine Glass $10.00


Custom Wine Glass w/Glitter Stem $15.00


Custom Stemless Wine Glass $10.00


Kids Custom Treat Box $25.00

- Includes Any 6 Custom Treats


Adult Gourmet Box $40.00

- 1 Dozen Strawberries

- Variety Chocolates


Breakable Heart Box

-Chocolate Breakable Heart/Gavel

-Variety Chocolate Covered Straberries, Pretzel Rods, Oreos & RKT

-Miniature Bottle


Adult Naughty Box $60

- 1 Dozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries

- Includes Any Customization (ex "Best D**k Ever)

- 2 Custom Shot Glasses

-Naughty Surprise


Valentines For Him


Custom Boxers $30.00 ( Please Provide Size)

Custom Cigarillo 2pk (Swisher Sweets or Game) $3.00

Custom Backwoods 5pk $8.00

Custom RAW Cone $8.00

Custom Lighter $3.00

Custom BIC Lighter $5.00




Jacksonville and Surrounding Areas Please us Code: JAXPICKUP for Free Pick Up!


*Orders Not Received within 7 days Pick-Up MUST add Rush Fee! Shipped Orders 14 Days!

Valentine's Day Special ❤️

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